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New Year Resolutions

It’s January again—time to make those New Year’s Resolutions! Why not make a few resolutions to become a better Catholic in 2017? Here are a few ideas you might want to try:

A Catholic smartphone?

Surprisingly, you’ll find plenty of smartphone apps to help you become a better Catholic. Simply type “Catholic” in your phone’s app store search index, and you’ll find a long list of apps including prayers, Catholic radio stations, Confession guides, Bibles, etc. Instead of texting or checking

email during idle time, make use of those apps to learn more about your faith.

Find a patron saint

If you don’t have a patron saint, it’s time to find one! Saints are our heroes in faith and are powerful intercessors for us in heaven. You might want to learn more about the saint you were named after, your Confirmation saint, the patron saint of your profession or hobby or any saint who interests you.

Attend daily Mass

We offer Mass at St Joseph’s on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings, and at St Francis’ Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings.. Since the group attending is usually small and there is no singing, daily masses will only take about 30 minutes of your day. In return, you’ll receive extra graces and blessings for the small sacrifice.

Go to Confession every month

Yes, it’s difficult to face your sins and say them out loud, but frequent reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation gives you the grace to fight those sins and perhaps finally defeat them. Confessions are available at St Joseph’s on Saturday mornings after Mass and on Saturday evenings from 5:30 to 5:50pm, and at St Francis’ Wednesday evening before Mass or Sunday before 6pm Mass - or at any time on request to Fr Tom.

Read the Bible

If you don’t own a Catholic Bible, invest in one and keep it out where you will see it every day. Attend one of our parish Bible studies or ask for some of the resources we can lend you. You’ll also find helpful guides online or in a Catholic bookstore.

Get involved with your parish

Volunteering as a reader, Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, flower arranger, church cleaner, counter, sacristan, choir member or welcomer requires a very small time commitment but will pay off by helping you to feel like an important part of your parish. For other ideas, call the parish office and ask about some of the many opportunities we can offer that will suit your gifts and time commitments.

Pray the Rosary

The Rosary has been hailed by saints and popes alike as a powerful weapon to defeat evil and a beautiful way to meditate on the gospels. There are many powerful blessings and promises granted to those devoted to the Rosary.

Check out Catholic radio

Catholic radio stations are available online and you need not live near one to listen in. Try a few different stations and programs to find one that interests you.

Read about your faith

If all you do is go to mass every Sunday, you’re missing out on many wonderful resources for your faith. This year, resolve to read at least five books on Catholic topics. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Spend some time in front of the blessed Sacrament

Our parishes have regular Eucharistic Adoration, at St Joseph’s usually on a Saturday morning, but you can stop by a Catholic church any time the doors are open and spend a little quality time with Christ. Even just 10-15 minutes on a regular basis will deeply improve your spiritual life. At St Joseph’s we can give you a code so that you can come into the church any time you want to pray. For St Francis’, see times in newsletter.