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Maybe you are a non catholic wanting to know more about the Catholic Faith, or perhaps a non-church going Catholic - in all cases you will be welcome to join us and come into a relationship with Jesus, we are called to share God’s joy and welcome for those wanting to become part of our parish community.
Over recent years, a number of people have come back to regularly practicing their faith in our parishes. I hugely admire the courage of those who have made this journey. As I pray with the beautiful passages from Scripture about God’s welcome and joy in those who return, one of my big questions is how we can make it easier for others to come back, those who perhaps are hesitating about doing this themselves.

What Others have said

When I come to Mass now I am at one with my God, my mother and father. I cannot begin to tell you how fulfilled my life finally is. Yes, it’s a scary experience to take the plunge and come back to church but believe me, everyone is so very kind and offers you such a warm welcome.


Some short time after my return I had a tiny miracle, or so it seemed. I was faced with an intractable problem from which there seemed no way out. I had worried at the problem for many weeks turning it over in my mind from all angles and I could find escape. Then completely out of the blue I received totally unexpected help and information. It didn’t solve the problem by any means but made it did make it just about manageable.


We will all hit rocky parts along life's road and family and friends can always help but sometimes we need a bit more than just family and friends. No matter how many mistakes we make on life’s journey I don't believe that Our Blessed Lord ever gives up on us and his door is always open to us we just have to make the effort to go through the door.